From field to market

At Char-Maine Ranching we raise purebred white, red, and black charolais. We were among the first few in the business to heavily pursue the red color in charolais cattle and a few years ago we decided to again take a big step and pursue the black color in our purebred cattle. The black charolais has developed through a partnership with HEJ Charolais. We are very excited about the MEN in BLACK and their potential impact for purebred and commercial ranchers. We have been raising purebred Charolais cattle for over 30 years and over these years we have concentrated on improving the genetics of our herd.

We make a commitment to our customers. We stand behind our cattle and we believe that our cattle will do the job that you need them to do. Our goal is to produce cattle that will fit into your program and profit you from the field to the market.

LT Lanza 1427 PLD
We purchased LT Lanza 1427 from Linskov Thiel in the spring of 2012 planning on him being a heifer bull for us. Well, that he is, but has become so much more! LT Lanza has become the bull that does it all for us here at Char-Maine! He is moderate framed, easy calving, homozygous polled, quiet and his calves perform! His calves are so consistent in type and make up that you can pick them out so easily. As people walk through the bulls and females they can hardly believe how consistently he stamps his offspring with nice heads and smooth made bodies with muscle and spring of rib. Then his daughters began to calve and, oh my, broody, moderate cows with perfect dark udders that are raising great calves themselves... and why not, he is sired by Winn Mans Lanza and out of the great LT Brenda’s Ease 3055 cow who is also the maternal grandam to LT Ledger. We cannot get enough LT Lanza calves and still use him on 35 cows naturally in the spring and 35 naturally in our summer program along with A.I. to heifers which are not his daughters. Is is great when a potential bull buyer comes to you and says he wants a bull with real good performance but has to be easy calving and I can say, “Buy a Lanza son and you will have exactly what you want!”
LT Rushmore is out of the same cow family as LT Lanza. He has a little more frame and will add a little more performance and natural thickness to your calves while keeping up the calving ease that we demand!
Cobb is a proven herd sire that many of you have sons working in your herds. Lots of thickness and performance with great hair.
MAIN Ledger Up 105E PLD
TLJ Clever 214C PLD
JSR Estrada 52E PLD