Black Charolais

Black Charolais are cattle bred for today's market. Charolais have the extra gain and hybrid vigor that has a pay-off when it comes time to take the calves to market. That is why we are excited about establishing a herd of black charolais breeding stock. It gives those cattlemen who want charolais or charolais-cross calves another option in their breeding programs. With the birth of MIB SCORCH 34N in 2003, we had a bull that was homozygous black.

What's the significance of a homozygous black bull? It means that this bull has double black genes. He is 100% black. He is the first of his kind, a purebred charolais that is black.And to top it all off he is also smooth polled.

At this time we are concentrating on building up our herd numbers and breeding for consistency, maternal traits, and performance in the field. Our customers are ranchers and our bulls and heifers are bred to work in their programs; easy calving and good mothers. We have used charolais bulls in our commercial black baulie herd for many years now. Using black charolais bulls became a natural choice for us. We have a color consistency with our calves that profits us at the auction market. These commercial calves show the rapid and efficient growth of the charolais influence in their breeding. We have seen first hand the benefits of charolais genetics for our commercial operation, both in the spring when we are calving and in the fall when we sell those calves.

Charolais bulls provide a finishing touch to calves that no other breed can achieve. As the herd numbers of our purebred red, white, and black charolais continue to grow we are looking forward to establishing quality breeding stock for today's diverse cattle market. 
Our nucleus of black charolais cattle continues to grow year after year and you will not find a larger concentration of black charolais genetics anywhere else.